When I grow up I want to be a user experience architect.

I wonder if future spawn will utter these words? Does any child aspire to develop class-leading interfaces? Do kids play in the sand box at nursery attempting to create the next big thing in interaction? Possibly not yet, but there are plenty of 'adults' around who are looking to hone their skills in an emerging (though surprisingly resilient) job title in the dotcom industry and this week I've been trying to locate courses in the UK to formalise our training.

Before I get round to posting a summary of these courses (and thanks to everyone who's emailed me) I thought I'd post a link to a
pertinent article by Dan Saffer (which is also a thinly veiled plug for his book ... which I'd like a copy of please Dan) and builds on an earlier article by Robert Reimann.


Dan said...

Hey, people who accuse me of thinly plugging my book don't get free copies! :)

smorgasbord-design said...

hey, I plugged it too :)

Good luck with it though, as and when I get a copy I'll post a full review.

... and thanks for reading