Longitudinal Experience With Sennheiser Results In Great Customer Service

Last week I listened to Tim and Tom’s podcast and picked up on their reviews of the PX100, a pair of headphones I’ve supported on this blog in the past. Well, like Tim’s Shuffle (see also), my PX100s went belly-up a month ago when the jack-plug developed a loose connection. I also own a pair of HD465 which I love and sent them a letter asking for a repair under warranty despite not retaining the receipt. Well, they said ‘yes’ and gave me a repair reference to send them in under and I got a receipt with an ETA for their return.

Then, just as I was about to post this item I get home to discover a parcel waiting for me with a brand new pair of PX100s in it. They did not fix them; they gave me a completely new pair absolutely gratis. So I now have fresh clean ear pads, tight hinges and brand new drivers. Very cool and keeps me happy as a brand advocate.

I told Tim this, by email he speaks about it on this week's podcast and even gives this blog a kind review. Thanks :)

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