Wedding Dances

Of course, James and Julia Boggio's wedding dance video is a well-known thing at the moment, according to Richard & Judy the subject of "international debate" after it was posted on YouTube. My better half and I had considered a show-stopping dance routine for our big day (1st September...) but have stepped back from that having seen such displays as this and the equally well-rehearsed Thriller routine. Actually, if creating an impact was what it's all about i'd have been quite happy to have done the OK Go Treadmill Dance too with the best man and chief bridesmaid. Anyway, we're not doing anything like that, but kudos to those that do.


Last Chance Saloon

A group of us at The Company are heading off in September on the infamous Home 2 Rome banger rally. To this end we have 'launched' a site to detail our progress, Last Chance Saloon. It's my first attempt using WordPress and is changing hourly as I get my head round customisations, CGI, MySQL and tweaking templates. It's going to be permanently linked-to from this blog but to keep up-to-date, here's the Last Chance Saloon RSS Feed (RSS 2.0) and the Last Chance Saloon Atom Feed (Atom 0.3).