innocent smoothies. Make your own ...

It's summer. Well it cetainly felt like it yesterday when I went out for a run. Stopped in at Sainsbury's on the way home to do the weekly shop and my fiancee picked up the innocent book (below) as we're both fans of their pre-packed products. Got it home and assumed we'd be alright with our Kenwood blender (also below) but turns out we need a juice too so we've ordered the Moulinex one.

I love the tone of voice that innocent use. I'm not a huge fan of their website though in the same way that I don't really see the point of many product sites like this (Fruit Pastilles website anyone? Website for Mr. Muscle?) but at least the writing's good enough to capture the imagination for a while. I guess if they put half the content of the book on there it would be a good move. Anyway, buy some of this stuff and make yourself feel healthier.