DigiGuide, keyboard failure and usability updates

If I receive another copy of that rotten Jacquie Lawson cottage christmas card I think I'll go mad. Decided at the weekend to clean my Dell Inspiron laptop keyboard. Mistake, now have a broken keyboard and am desperately scouring eBay for one - screws included as I was a bit over enthusiastic in getting it out. Mental note, leave to the professionals.

Updated my DigiGuide [http://getdigiguide.com/?p=1&r=4235] subscription today too. At £9 a year it's fantastic value for a piece of software I use on a daily basis, click the link above to get a copy.

Also in the past few weeks I've started building a few slideshows in Windows Movie Maker. That's been a revelation too. Very handy little program (if a touch unstable) and I've made a successful personal addition to a christmas present in no time.

Before Christmas - and depending on how my laptop fares - I'm planning on uploading all the recent banter surrounding the banner blindess debate [see previous blog] which extended on to the london-usability and uk-usability mailing lists. This has fed in to our design brief and is - in part at least - helping drive the concept development with our selected agency. Furthermore, I'm going to get round to posting screen grabs of various usability practitioners' desktops - do we practise what we preach?

Final tip is to use url shortening service TinyURL! [http://tinyurl.com] - helps to avoid all those irritating .jsp, .asp and php addresses that wrap and break in emails.

More soon.