DigiGuide, keyboard failure and usability updates

If I receive another copy of that rotten Jacquie Lawson cottage christmas card I think I'll go mad. Decided at the weekend to clean my Dell Inspiron laptop keyboard. Mistake, now have a broken keyboard and am desperately scouring eBay for one - screws included as I was a bit over enthusiastic in getting it out. Mental note, leave to the professionals.

Updated my DigiGuide [http://getdigiguide.com/?p=1&r=4235] subscription today too. At £9 a year it's fantastic value for a piece of software I use on a daily basis, click the link above to get a copy.

Also in the past few weeks I've started building a few slideshows in Windows Movie Maker. That's been a revelation too. Very handy little program (if a touch unstable) and I've made a successful personal addition to a christmas present in no time.

Before Christmas - and depending on how my laptop fares - I'm planning on uploading all the recent banter surrounding the banner blindess debate [see previous blog] which extended on to the london-usability and uk-usability mailing lists. This has fed in to our design brief and is - in part at least - helping drive the concept development with our selected agency. Furthermore, I'm going to get round to posting screen grabs of various usability practitioners' desktops - do we practise what we preach?

Final tip is to use url shortening service TinyURL! [http://tinyurl.com] - helps to avoid all those irritating .jsp, .asp and php addresses that wrap and break in emails.

More soon.


Alexander Muse said...

You might consider using elfURL instead of tinyurl. elfURL gives you free stats on the number of times your small URL has been accessed - those stats are available via RSS. Also, soon you will be able to add delicious tags to your URLs when you make them smaller. Check it out at http://elfurl.com

smorgasbord-design said...

Alex, thanks for posting a comment. Great to know the blog's being read.

Since this post I have been using Snip URL. This also has free statistics regarding the usage of a particular URL and can be customised with unique tags. I will, however, take a look at elfurl as the RSS option could be useful.