Moving on

Morning readers. Just to let you know that I have recently moved house. My fiancee and I are still getting married but work and commuting and the landlady wanting to sell up forced our hand and I've ended up in Norwich with a good friend and she's ended up on Surbiton, Surrey. So I'm no longer a commuter ('one' breathe a sigh of relief) and it appears I'm not much of a blogger either. Attention has been diverted to setting up two 'homes', sorting out a huge 'to-do' list at work and generally catching up on life. This coupled with my archaic laptop at home, wedding planning and a general enjoyment of working on Last Chance Saloon instead has seen blog posting drop off for a bit. There's no point in me telling you all to hold fast since there's unlikely to be anything interesting on here for a while. In the meantime, take care and enjoy the spring sunshine.