Presentation Style: The Art of Simplicity

A colleague passed me a link today to this page on Presentation Zen. I happened across Steve Jobs' presentations when tracking the launch of the new iPods and had adapted his style to some recent PowerPoint™ slides at work. Particularly noteworthy in this article is the reference to the Microsoft™ style of presentation (regarded as Really Bad PowerPoint by Seth Godin). If you take nothing else from this article, take the quote:

"Simplicity means the achievement of maximum effect with minimum means" - Dr. Koichi Kawana

Examples of Steve Jobs' presentations are available for those with broadband and QuickTime™:

:: October 2005 Special Event (iTunes 6 and iPod Video launch)
:: September 2005 Special Event (iPod Nano launch)


Birmingham or Beaver: What is our priority?

Regardless of your opinions on the matter (the matter, that is, of biodiversity and the repopulation of the British countryside with boar, beaver and frogs) a recent article by Jeremy Clarkson concerning the South Cerney reintroduction project is a genuinely entertaining read.
For an alternative viewpoint a South Cerney Beaver Blog is open...