DENIM Uses A Pie Menu And Promotes Rapid Prototyping

Just a quick post to reflect on something I mentioned in an earlier piece about Fitts Law. I downloaded DENIM recently to have a play (it’s free, go right ahead…) and discovered they use a pie menu. I loved it, even with a mouse it seemed really natural. Once I’d worked out that the middle circle was active too. There’s a picture of it in action in the tutorial.

A word about DENIM itself. Using a tablet PC or a pen-equipped device you can sketch out web architecture and basic design elements and watch the site build in front of you. I’m inclined to implore you to watch the demo video of this. It think it would be awesome for rapid prototyping in the ‘ideas’ section of a project, gives you the chance of making board-room ideas tangible to stakeholders etc. It’s not going to replace traditionally more labour intensive wireframing and prototype development but it might just be a good way to get your foot in the door.

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