Walsh Western, Dell and the Dodgy Delivery

When I got my Dell Inspiron laptop a couple of years ago I had a nightmare with the courier service who actually delivered it. I always thought it was Walsh Western. This is simply down to the fact that it's Walsh Western whose site Dell direct you to to track your order. From the page they send you to you can see minute by minute reports as to where the package is, how many boxes it contains etc. Naturally you assume Walsh Western are thus 'responsible' for your thousand(s) pound PC. Wrong, it's actually just a logistics company that get the PC from Ireland to the UK courier hubs. From there a local carrier delivers it, so when things go wrong, customers are contacting WW and moaning and yet it's another carrier who are screwing things up. Surely this reflects badly on WW and Dell? If you Google for Walsh Western and Dell you get all manner of blogs with negative comments, not good.

The reason I raise this is because my Dad's awaiting his delivery of a new Dell XPS Gen 5 tomorrow evening and my bad experience two years ago has meant he's now trying to find out who the courier is to ensure they're on the ball. I shall update y'all tomorrow with what happens.


Off to the Isles of Scilly next week (don't call it the Scilly Isles) where I've been a few times in the past. Keep checking the webcam (really just a daily photo) to see what the weather's doing. Am hoping to take the laptop and digital camera too, doubt I'll be uploading whilst there but hope to have a good set of pictures to show on return.


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smorgasbord-design said...

*** Update. Phoned Business Post in a pre-emptive strike and they agreed to delivery early. Within a hour or so on the Thursday morning it was delivered. Turnaround from order to final delivery, eight days. No complaints. But I do believe you have to be proactive with the courier... ***