Usability Professionals' Desktops

Some time ago (in the days before XP in fact…) I posted to this group asking for people to send me screen dumps of their desktop environments (a la K10k) with the aim of discovering if we practise what we preach in usability … how usable were our desk environments. Well, I was digging out some old back-up CDs the other day and came across the folder with these in and realised I’d done nothing about it. I have pixelated the icons in order to preserve anonymity and can now present a crude slideshow site of them for your interest. I’m more than happy to accept more of these, preferably JPEGs re-sized down to 1024x768 (if smaller than that then no-need to resize upwards). I will reach a server limit and will have to stop at some point but am happy to form a collection. Please post comments on the blog, I look forward to reading them …. Do you recognise your old desktop amongst this lot?

UPDATE: If you want to send me your desktops ... email desktops AT smorgasbord-design dot co dot uk ...

» If you can't view snipurls then the full link is here

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