R & W Paul (Albion) Maltings, Ipswich: Time-Lapse Demolition Film

The Evening Star have provided a time-lapse film of the last grain silo at the Paul's Albion maltings being demolished. This comes after they placed a webcam in the direction of the latest deconstruction work taking place.

There have been swarms of people taking photos of this work taking place for the last few weeks, if anyone wants to send these to me I'll post a few. Here are my contact details.

There are a smattering of old shots of Ipswich available at the Unseen Archive for anyone interested.

There was talk in the press about trams making a come-back in Ipswich by utilising the remaining rails along the waterfront. Nice idea, shame about the cost/practicalities. Unfortunately a large amount of the rails have been removed already, and the whole scheme would cost millions.

However, the thought of catching a tram at Cliff Quay or at the new University Campus at Orwell Quay and riding this through the waterfront along to the sidings at the Princes Street Bridge where I could wander to the station sounds fantastic. The route is 'clear' and a crossing is already in place... if only councils were more brave.

Other old views of Ipswich Waterfront
:: R & W Paul Albion Maltings: Part demolished by 777 Demolition for development by Knight Frank. (Old and new photos)
:: Cranfields Flour Mill: Part demolished by CDC Demolition for development by Wharfside Regeneration.
:: Burtons: Now under development for Cardinal Lofts.
:: John Good & Sons building: Now the Salthouse Harbour Hotel (old and new pictures)

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