Ipswich Waterfront Demolition Nearing Completion

They started work on pulling down one of the last giant grain silos on the waterfront yesterday. The scaffold's been up for some time to protect the Customs House and the wet dock itself but it was yesterday that the concrete jaws of the 777 demolition machines weighed in.

Last night there was masses of concrete dust swirling around (hope all the asbestos has gone) despite their best attempts with hoses. Not much time left now for these 1950's industrial relics. Still, only a short time to enjoy the expanded view as well. The Evening Star reports that the replacement will be an equally high residential tower.

Further along the quay the work seems pretty much complete (on schedule) for Whafside
Regeneration's Mill project. The website 'Live At The Mill' is still just a duff coverpage so I wouldn't bother checking in. This seems a bit odd given that London design agency ico design plastered 3.5m pink letters for the URL on the side of the building.

I took the picture above on 22nd March nicely capturing a spring sunset on my walk home.

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