Piano Man 'Sham'

As if to confirm my assertions that this part of North Kent is a bit of a peculiar place, the Piano Man ‘mystery’ was solved today when it turned out the guy was a German, never played more than one note on the piano and simply discharged himself and flew back home to a family farm. Great. The only mystery now is the West Kent NHS and Social Care Trust’s sudden insistence on patient confidentiality when previously it was more than happy to let the media print what they liked about the whole daft affair. I also have absolutely no idea why the Mirror thinks it’s relevant to mention the fact he’s homosexual. There’s an element of venom in their sentence that he’s ‘a gay German’

Various sources
:: The Mirror’s ‘exclusive’ ..
Piano Man Sham
:: The Times takes a more considered approach and
:: BBC News post
their first effort around mid-morning today which lacked any of the Times’ detail.
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