Nuts, Gillette build on the Everyman momentum

Like most men I need to shave regularly and, like most men in their twenties, I need to check for lumps regularly too. I’d never put the two together but Gillette have. Opened a pack of new blades this morning and a little leaflet feel out from Cancer Research. What a great idea. Now, I consider myself pretty well-informed on the issue, as an educated rational male I don’t see the sense in being all coy about such things but here was a great way of pushing the issue into something routine. A piece of advice (sadly left to the back of the leaflet) suggested checking yourself when you refill your blades on your razor. What a neat little idea. The leaflet wasn’t patronising, was positive and contained all the stuff you’d want to know and links to more if you’re a little more curious.

There have been some great successes in breaking the stigma of testicular cancer in the last five years:

Lance Armstrong. The book, the success, the wristbands. No-one epitomises human victory from testicular cancer the way Lance does.
:: Robbie Williams’ cinema/TV ad which aired a few years ago. No-nonsense and raised awareness, first outing for the Everyman group.
:: Rachel Stevens … a personal favourite and another Everyman idea …
take a look at her cheeky ad

As far as I was concerned, the message had got through, “check yourself” but this Gillette idea really made me think about keeping up a regular pattern of examination and for that to come from such a simple device is particularly impressive.

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