The Flicker Fusion Explanation For Driver Performance?

Got passed a good link today to an article by Robert Winkler which took me back to my Visual Perception classes at York (under the enigmatic Peter Thompson). It uses a sort of pseudo-science evaluation of the visual capabilities of hawks vs. humans and how this demonstrates the finite limits of driver reaction. I would be interested to see the reaction time differences between F1 drivers, WRC drivers, the public, and fighter pilots. How much is reaction time related to this ‘Flicker Fusion’?

Coincidence means this dropped into my inbox around the same time as I had my eyes re-tested and recently took part in my first Karting session. I suffer from a lazy eye and had hoped that this might explain my one-second deficit in average lap times against my colleagues. My optician had her doubts but I am convinced it explains this – and my ineptitude at tennis.

Any more insight into this kinda stuff really appreciated.

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