TrainBlog.co.uk - picking up the baton

Recently I announced a self-imposed amnesty on blogging about the appalling customer service I had experience on 'one'. However, I am happy to pass the baton to these guys, TrainBlog.
Produced by Norwich-based agency Soup, train blog is a centralised repository for commuters' displeasure and, I suspect, the vast majority of that will be local. Interestingly, you can (in a very 2.0 way) add your comments by texting.
(B)log-in and see what other people have to say. Over to you....


mcnelson said...

Being fairly new to this commuter malarkey, it's quite self evident just how piss-poor One are. I propose a solution though, after someone at work tipped me off to the fact that you don't have to physically be ob a delayed train to claim for it. One have no idea what Trains I take, or the other thousands of season ticket holding commuters.
So I propose this; a website where people can submit delayed journeys each day, so everyone else knows which Trains are delayed and can claim for them. Can One prove that everyone wasn't on a particular service? I doubt it. Therefore, under the weight of substantially increased Delay Repay forms they might be inspired to improve service to an acceptable standard?

Just my 2 cents.

smorgasbord-design said...

There are in fact two websites doing this already.

:: TrainRefunds.co.uk
:: Delay-Repay.com

Which is good for all concerned ... except when you realise that this is a false victory as it costs the operators money which means less is spent on improvements and secondly, the vast increase in numbers claiming might cause the schemes to be wound up with the operators citing widespread fraud.

Anonymous said...

I Love that Delay Repay website already. It's just a shame that my compensation will be in the form of 'One'Travel Vouchers. What I'd really like to see is a scheme not unlike the ones you used to get in fag packets, whereby you collect coupons for something from their catalogue. I calculate that in about 12 years time, pending average levels of delay, I should be able to save up enough to buy a Train from One (considering depreciation,as their fleet seems to be operating from the late 70s).

What I'd do with a crappy 70's Train, I'm not sure....but I'd like it.