Coping With Scale, Design Critique's Discussion of iTunes Identifies 'The Rub'

Having gorged on podcasts recently (despite my better half's propensity to hijack the Nano for the gym) I have been a keen listener of the UPA and Design Critique (DC) output. Recently the guys at DC (Tim, Tom & Jack) have run a two part show dealing with iTunes. As a keen observer of Apple's development and having previously acknowledged the benefit of their integration of iPod and iTunes, this podcast hit upon the wider issues of coping with scale and diversity in music collections. A fascinating suggestion (and the first one which breaks Web 2.0-style social networking from the 'web' and puts it into an 'application' environment in my mind), was using folksonomy-style tagging to organise huge collections. I'd like to explore more of this - and as I've not got close to using del.icio.us properly, i think that's a good way to understand it. They've also introduced me to OK/Cancel too, which seems like yet another thing to add to my RSS feed reader in IE7 Beta 3 (which I love).

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