Prioritizing Dancing Mangos

It's been some time since I've posted about the dreadful service I have experienced on one railway. That's not to say it's improved, well not much, it's just that I seem to have bigger fish to fry.
However, I was delighted today to be pointed in the direction of Dancing Mango. I'm particularly interested in the Customer Experience section, I love reading about companies that are getting it right and those that are getting it wrong, it brings clarity to much of the internal hypothesising I find myself doing as part of my job. To that end it's been a real eye opener to pick up Jakob's new book, "Prioritizing Web Usability". Unlike some of his previous books this one (and it might be Hoa Loranger's input) contains a fair swathe of analytical, thought-provoking copy. But, and this is what give it credibility in my eyes, is that it's not afraid to say "we were wrong" or at least "we're no longer right" about certain topics. For example link colours. Previously Jakob said, blue is essential, now it's ok to use other colours for links as long as they're consistent and contrasting. Common sense prevails. It simply has less of a prescriptive tone and more of a common sense advice, and in that sense it picks up on the great successes of Steve Krug's work.

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