Sporty People: Fulfill Those Competitive Urges

Got pointed in the direction of a useful site the other day, it's still in concept form but the questionnaire on the site (where you can win an iPod) hints at some rather intruiging functionality. The basics are thus: Sports people training alone or in non-competitive environments can log their results, times or achievements on the site to compare against others. This could be a mini league of friends, national leagues and so on. As a resource it has huge potential - especially for de-motivated sportsmen like myself who struggles to see the competitive element of going out on a long run on his own on a Sunday.

Of course, the basics will have to be right but this can only be achieved if the sort of people that use it actually go there now and let them know what it should look and feel like.

In other news ... my time at The University of York Boat club may be far behind me but that doesn't stop me keeping in touch. The oldblades site which I neglected got taken over by John Slade and the new clean, lean and fresh site is available. I've updated a whole range of people's profiles but if you knew me from those days or are looking for old rowing mates from York then visit the site.

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