Sony MicroVault

Have been using the Sony Micro Vault since an impulse purchase in PC World. I always swore I’d never shop in there as the prices are inflated and the service clumsy but I can’t fault the product. Here’s a cheaper way of getting one:

and the Sony Japan site has all the tech specs. The other pen drives I looked at were bulky and made by non-descript manufacturers – I wanted something that would be sleek, robust and would have an element of high-end support (such as downloadable tools) hence I got a 256Mb version. They also do mini ones, ones with fingerprint recognition and ones with 2Gb capacity. The floppy disk is dead! Fortunately my company has enabled the USB port on our XP machines making this workable … I suspect that once they realise people are able to use corporate bandwidth to download direct on to these drives they’ll restrict it, but for the time being I carry all my work in my pocket and the whole thing is fully encrypted. Wonderful. Gets passed that old nugget of emailing work home only to find the mail server collapsed after you left and there’s nothing waiting for you when you get in.

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